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Re-Delivery Fee

Re-Delivery Fee

Your package was returned to us because it couldn’t be delivered and/or had the incorrect address. If you would like us to attempt a 2nd Delivery, we are more than happy to accommodate your request.

We will tell you which shipping option to select prior to submitting payment.


What does the fee cover?

  • Fee covers the cost of Reprocessing Your Order, New Packaging if damaged and new USPS/UPS Shipping.

  • We will make ONE ( 1 ) Delivery attempt with this payment. Alternate arrangements will be made should delivery fail again

Flat Rate Fee

Small Packages: $10

Medium Packages: $14

Large Packages: $20+

Shipping Fees are Non-Negotiable and Non-Refundable.

Not Paying the Fee

If you do not wish to pay the new Re-Delivery Fee, we will not attempt a 2nd delivery.

  • Per our store policies, we fulfilled the original order and delivery. Postage is no longer valid, as it can’t be delivered to the address provided to us.

Delivery Time Frame

You have 72 hours ( 3 days ) to respond to our email regarding a 2nd delivery attempt. The clock starts once we send the email.

  • 72 hours includes business days, weekends, holidays, vacations, etc.

2nd Delivery Failed

Your package will be sent directly to a UPS location closest to you. You can retrieve your package to complete delivery.

What We Need From You?

Please include your Order # in the notes section during checkout. We will begin reprocessing your order once payment is received.

Order/ Shipping/ Refund Policy

Please read our ORDER FAQs , SHIPPING POLICY and REFUND POLICY prior to placing your order.

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