Our Story

Hello Everyone, welcome to our website. Ellie Shai pronounced [ EL - lee ][ Shy ]; is a family operated, Home Fragrance and Body Care company. Our journey was inspired by our late grandmothers love of fragrance and the desire to have healthier options for ourselves.

A few years ago I noticed that certain candle fragrances were affecting my health. We began searching for answers and alternatives, because who doesn’t want their home to smell good. The answers we found were troublesome, the candles we loved weren’t good for us.

Not wanting to live without fragrance at all, we began researching and developing our handcrafted Candle Collection. We maintain quality standards through vigorous rounds of testing and small batch production.

Ellie Shai produces unique, high-quality fragrances and designs that aim to enhance your home decor. We believe Fragrance is more than a scent, but an extension of your home design. Enjoy a wide array of scents that elevate your mood and make you feel good. Wholesale, White label, Custom Scents and Special Event orders are welcome.

We’ve sold hundreds of candles locally and look forward to expanding our custom fragrance collection. Thank you for supporting our small business, come shop in person at an event near you! 


   - XOXO,  Ellie Shai