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Diffuser Sets

Diffuser Sets

Scent Profile

* Coconut Pomelo
* Fresh Cashmere
* Mandarin Rush
* Melon Limoncello
* Onyx Serenity


* Fill Volume: 7 mL ( 0.2 oz )
* Diffuser: Clear Glass Vessel
* Top: Twist Top with wood cork
* Colors Available: Black, Pink and Silver

Fragrance Oil:
* Throw: Moderate
* Volume: 0.5 oz ( 15 mL )
* Top: Black Dropper Top
* Vessel: Amber Glass Bottle

Diffuser lasts roughly 30 days between refills and can be used up to 3 refills. The wood becomes too oversaturated beyond this point and the Diffuser needs to be replaced.


* Fragrance Oil Blend
* Glycerin

Use Instructions

Wearing gloves gently open diffuser, remove stopper and set to the side. Do Not throw stopper away, you will need it later.

On flat surface place down a napkin and gently open refill bottle. Slightly lift dropper from bottle, squeeze dropper tip to fill it with Fragrance Oil. ( May need to repeat this step to fill diffuser )

On flat surface place dropper inside the diffuser and slowly squeeze fragrance oil inside. Fill line is just just before the screw neck of the diffuser.

Replace wooden top, rotate to close and gently shake to wet the wooden top. Hang it in you car and enjoy!

PSA: Failure to replace the stopper may cause spillage and over-saturation of the wooden top.

If the scent becomes faint, gently shake diffuser and wet the wooden top again. Refer to steps listed above or Diffuser Care Card.

* If you are traveling with your diffuser outside your car, place stopper in the diffuser. Replacing the stopper will help prevent spillage or damage.


* Flammable
* Do Not Ingest
* Not for use on skin
* Not an Essential Oil

* Do not use if Diffuser or Refill bottle is broken, please discard immediately.

* Use in other Products, Oil Diffusers and/or other apparatuses are strictly prohibited.

* We strongly discourage blending, mixing, adding and/or combining our fragrance oils with other products or creations of any kind.


Use caution to avoid damage. Please keep Diffuser upright, Do Not lay upside down or on its side. Avoid dropping as dropper and diffuser are made of glass!

Wipe up spills immediately, Store refill bottle in a cool, dry place out of reach of children, pets, etc..


Seek medical attention if ingested or any medical event occurs during or after your contact with fragrance oil.

Order/ Shipping/ Refund Policy

Please read our ORDER FAQs , SHIPPING POLICY and REFUND POLICY prior to placing your order.

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